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(사운드트랙#1) 2022 Disney+

Han Sun-Woo (Park Hyung-Sik) and Lee Eun-Soo (Han So-Hee) have been friends for 19 years, we are told repeatedly. She's a lyricist desperately hoping to write a hit song for her favorite singer, and he's apparently a pretty good photographer. Since he has experience with unrequited love (guess who!) and she's trying to write a song about unrequited love (why?), he moves in with her for 2 weeks to support her songwriting efforts.

Even in the absurd world of K-dramas, Disney just doesn't quite get it right. It's only 4 episodes, so the clichés come fast and furious to pack them all in to a condensed time frame, and it spoils the pace and tension.

K-Drama Bingo Score

Using the Modern K-Drama set

Running commentary

Episode 1 is riddled with clichés without the appropriate buildup and context. Even the first attempt at hitting the Piggyback bingo card ends up an awkward, front-of-body portage instead of the graceful piggyback. Just plain wrong so far. After Episode 2, same. The music is heavy-handed, and things are just…off. Instead of a talisman, we get a Tarot card. Eun-Soo's mother, however, is an absurd delight. Woo-In's interest in Eun-Soo doesn't feel genuine at all; they have no connection, and the power dynamics of their relationship just makes him seem predatory. Even the icon wrist grab is awkwardly used in the last episode, but while both parties are sitting down, and neither was walking away. Weird.

I do like the "Bonus Track" epilogues. But as Netflix : Hallmark Movies :: Soundtrack #1 : K-Dramas

"I don't wanna anything something" is a great lyric in the soundtrack to a drama about a lyricist.

  • Pinky swear
    (2 pt)
    Bonus point for: Touching thumbs at the end
    Barely hanging in there, Soundtrack #1

Unmatched Bingo Spaces

  • (Dis)possession
  • Childhood friends forgotten
  • Vehicular tragedy
  • Bullying
  • Cartoony FX
  • Chicken & Beer
  • Cramped quarters
  • Crushing Debt
  • Finger hearts
  • Korean Standoff
  • Memorial service
  • Middle-of-the-Road Soliliquy
  • Piggyback
  • Rumble tummy
  • Shamans & Talismans
  • Son Hyeung Min
  • The Playground
  • Thumbs up
  • Wrist grab
  • 강한나 (Kang Han-Na)
  • 내 친구 ("My friend…")
  • 한국어학교 (Language lessons)