Monstrous Korean Drama P1
 Bingo Card
(괴이) 2022 TVING

A tight quick (6 short episodes) horror/thriller. Ambitious regional governor wants to promote tourism by displaying the newly-discovered giant ancient Buddhist head sculpture. They uncovered it in the forest, and the figure was blindfolded with a massive cloth inscribed in Tibetan. They took that off. Oops! The statue is cursed, and they just removed their protection. Bad things happen, with lots of blood and cloudy white eyeballs. Kinda like a zombie movie, but where the zombie infection is the gaze of a evil Buddhist statue.

Jung Ki-Hoon (Koo Gyo-Hwan) is a super-bright Tibetan scholar and occultist/conspiracy theorist. His ex-wife Lee Soo-Jin (Shin Hyun-Bin), also an academic, gets involved too. The local police chief Han Seok-Hee (Kim Ji-Young) and her son  Han Do-Kyung (Nam Da-Reum) are working out some family issues, and the insane, murderous bullying of Kwak Yong-Joo (Kwak Dong-Yeon).

K-Drama Bingo Score

Using the Modern K-Drama set

Running commentary

A quick day-or-two binge, with 30 minute episodes. Easy to digeset. No romantic subplots at all!

They had me at "haunted Buddhist statue." Pretty gratuitously gory stuff, mostly of the stabby stabby variety. The plot is just stable enough to support the six episodes, but the epilogue speaks to a potential new season with new mysteries to solve. So it's the The Librarians, but with no levity, and for Korean Buddhists.

Surprisingly high score for a simple horror thriller. Proof that K-dramas are still the best at being K-dramas.

  • (Dis)possession
    (2 pt)
    The whole shebang. Just about everybody gets possessed by the evil spirit.
  • Vehicular tragedy
    (2 pt)
    Lee Soo-Jin's daughter is catapulted by a delivery truck.
  • Bullying
    (1 pt)
    Han Do-Kyung is relentlessly pursued by his former best friend.
  • Finger hearts
    (1 pt)
    Fingers hearts to "Like and subscribe" to Jung Ki-Hoon's YouTube channel
  • Shamans & Talismans
    (1 pt)
    The entire episode is entitled "Talisman," and involves some makeshift Buddhist talismans to ward off the evil spirit.

Unmatched Bingo Spaces

  • Childhood friends forgotten
  • Cartoony FX
  • Chicken & Beer
  • Cramped quarters
  • Crushing Debt
  • Korean Standoff
  • Memorial service
  • Middle-of-the-Road Soliliquy
  • Piggyback
  • Pinky swear
  • Rumble tummy
  • Son Hyeung Min
  • The Playground
  • Thumbs up
  • Wrist grab
  • 강한나 (Kang Han-Na)
  • 내 친구 ("My friend…")
  • 한국어학교 (Language lessons)