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(굿잡) 2022 Seezn

Eun Seon-Woo (Jung Il-Woo) is the CEO of Eun Kang Group, a large corporation. In secret, he also runs a detective agency, investigating misdeeds at his own company as well as the mysterious murder of his mother, who volunteered at an orphanage.

Don Se-Ra (Kwon Yuri) used to live at that orphanage, and has supernaturally good vision, like Bionic Woman stuff. She helps out with the detective agency. You get the rest.

K-Drama Bingo Score

Using the Modern K-Drama set

Running commentary

Having seen Jung Il-Woo in Cinderella and the Four Knights, I had high hopes for a cute romantic drama with a bit of spy intrigue. Unfortunately, for me, the two leads never clicked. Their interactions felt forced, the dialogue was awkward, and riddled with clichés done in clumsy fashion. It ticks a lot of boxes but never felt cohesive, and Don Se-Ra's "super vision" ended up being little more than a weird excuse for a meet cute.

The first few episodes were fun, with crazy disguises, cute pink scooters, and all sorts of hijinx, but those fade away in later episodes and the murder mystery darkens the tone a bit. The secondary charcters had a much more adorable relationship, and provided some relief from the lack of chemistry in the leads. Overall, though, disappointing. There isn't even a good Korean standoff in this one.

  • Childhood friends forgotten
    (2 pt)
    Don Se Ra and the detective weren't the only ones at the orphanage
  • Memorial service
    (1 pt)
    Just a visit to the grave, not even a proper memorial service
  • Piggyback
    (1 pt)
  • Rumble tummy
    (1 pt)
  • Thumbs up
    (1 pt)
  • Wrist grab
    (1 pt)

Unmatched Bingo Spaces

  • (Dis)possession
  • Vehicular tragedy
  • Bullying
  • Cartoony FX
  • Chicken & Beer
  • Cramped quarters
  • Crushing Debt
  • Finger hearts
  • Korean Standoff
  • Middle-of-the-Road Soliliquy
  • Pinky swear
  • Shamans & Talismans
  • Son Hyeung Min
  • The Playground
  • 강한나 (Kang Han-Na)
  • 내 친구 ("My friend…")
  • 한국어학교 (Language lessons)