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(아는 와이프) 2018 tvN

Joo-Hyuk (Ji Sung) is married to Woo-Jin (Han Ji-Min), and they have two children, but they both work too hard, trying to pay off debts and support their parents. Joo-Hyuk is increasingly unhappy with his wife, who is always really really angry. One day Joo-Hyuk has a Sliding Doors moment, and uses a magical coin (and a magical toll booth) to transport himself to an alternate timeline, where he is instead married to the wealthy and beautiful Hye-Won (Kang Han-Na), on whom he had a crush at University. Fate, however, has a way of forcing his destiny back into place…

K-Drama Bingo Score

Using the Modern K-Drama set

  • (Dis)possession
    (2 pt)
    Full reality-shifting, à la Sliding Doors
  • Korean Standoff
    (1 pt)

Unmatched Bingo Spaces

  • Childhood friends forgotten
  • Vehicular tragedy
  • Bullying
  • Cartoony FX
  • Chicken & Beer
  • Cramped quarters
  • Crushing Debt
  • Finger hearts
  • Memorial service
  • Middle-of-the-Road Soliliquy
  • Piggyback
  • Pinky swear
  • Rumble tummy
  • Shamans & Talismans
  • Son Hyeung Min
  • The Playground
  • Thumbs up
  • Wrist grab
  • 강한나 (Kang Han-Na)
  • 내 친구 ("My friend…")
  • 한국어학교 (Language lessons)